The last two decades has witnessed an increased pressure from customers and competitors for greater value from their purchase whether based on quality, faster delivery, or lower cost (or
combination of these) in both manufacturing and service sector. The intense competition in the
current marketplace has forced industrial firms to reexamine their methods of carrying out
manufacturing activities. This has encouraged many industries to adopt advanced quality
management philosophies like either Six Sigma (as their process improvement and problem solving approach) or Lean manufacturing (for improving speed to respond to customer needs and overall cost) as part of management strategy to increase the market share and maximize profit.

Lean and Six Sigma are two widely acknowledged business process improvement strategies
available to organizations today for achieving dramatic results in cost, quality and time by
focusing on process performance. Lean and Six Sigma practioners are integrating these two
strategies into a more powerful and integrated approach that is ‘Lean Six Sigma’, addressing many of the weaknesses and retaining strengths of each strategy. Lean Six Sigma integrates the waste and non-value added elimination tools and techniques from Lean Manufacturing and the variability reduction tools and techniques from Six Sigma, to generate savings to the bottom-line of an organization. This paper proposes a Lean Six Sigma framework which integrates Lean tools and techniques within Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.

The Lean Six Sigma framework roadmap identifies the activities, principles, tools, and important component factors to implement Lean Six Sigma in a manufacturing set up. The framework provides a synergistic approach to integrating the concepts and tools of Lean enterprise and Six Sigma. This paper presents the comprehensive set of tools, techniques and principles that can be employed in the integrated approach of Lean and Six Sigma business strategies. The integrated approach of Six Sigma and lean strategy will offer a complete, holistic approach to moving the business forward on the road to achieve the best competitive position. The disciplined, structured and systematic methodology of six sigma combined with the speed and agility of lean will produce greater solutions in the search for business and operations excellence

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