IR Based video streaming on mobile phones

Project is all about to provide easily affordable security system for a office or house or bank or any important room where you want to have security by connecting IR Transmitter and Receiver at the entrance of the room. If anytime, the Ir Rays are cut, The PC is intimated abut the same. Immediately, an SMS is sent to the owner of the setup regarding the intrusion such that the owner can open the application in his cell and view the live video of the happenings. Also, an alarm is activated at the PC?s end to alert the people around regarding intrusion. This project is intended to : View live video recording through a mobile. This application allows the mobile user to track the activities happening at a particular location. Take the snapshots of the video recorded through webcam in a mobile. Store these snapshots as images in the mobile. Images can be stored in different formats subjected to the a particular selected format. To display the time with the image when it was captured. in the GPRS enabled Mobiles. Language used: Core Java J2ME J2EE(jmf, servlets) Java Mail API Requirements: Software Requirements J2SDk1.4 or better. J2ME WTK2.1 or higher JMF2.1.1e or higher Jakarta Tomcat Server 5.0 or better. Hardware Requirements Pentium P3(2.66GHz) Processor or higher. Minimum 256 MB RAM. WebCam. Other Requirements GPRS enabled Mobile with a minimum of 20KB of free memory to upload the application. PC connected to internet using direct connection. Description: ?GPRS Video Streaming? is an Internet browser application developed with the main intention to view the live events taking place at a site wherever the webcam will be focusing, through a GPRS enabled Mobile. It gives user the high quality images with much less (General Packet Radio Service)GPRS or Universal Mobile Telecommunication System(UMTS) traffic, so the communication with the web will not be a cost problem at today?s GPRS or UMTS rates. As security is a critical factor for the business and at many places , so everyone who utilizes this application can get to know that the events happening at a particular location with just a mobile from a remote location. This package uses a user friendly GUI so that the people can use it with utmost ease

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