Investigation on Cutting Performance

Hard turning with minimal fluid application using a high velocity pulsing jet is an emerging technique in cutting fluid minimization to ensure a green environment on the shop floor. In the present investigation an attempt is made to study the effect of an auxiliary pulsing jet of cutting fluid on the top side of the chip on cutting performance during turning of hardened AISI 4340 steel with minimal fluid application. Multicoated carbide inserts with sculptured rake face were used in this investigation. During minimal fluid application, a high velocity minimal pulsing jet of proprietary cutting fluid will be applied at the tool work interface. In the present work an auxiliary high velocity minimal pulsing jet of cutting fluid was applied at the top side of the chip in addition to the pulsing jet at the tool work interface.  Improvement in cutting performance was observed in terms of reduction in cutting force, cutting temperature, tool wear and improvement in surface finish. This technique can be easily adopted on the shop floor for improving cutting performance during hard turning with minimal fluid application.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 19:29