We use the computer technology in many ways, from visible to invisible spectacular to routine, video games and special effects for films and television to microwave ovens, electronic cameras, and automobile ignition systems. In business too, computers and information systems occupy a special place. Computer makes possible. The smooth and efficient operation airline reservations, hospital record departments, accounting and payroll functions, electronic banking, telephone switching systems and countless other operations both large and small.

Technology has developed at a very fast rate, but the most important aspect of any system is the human know-how and the use of ideas to gear the computer. So that it perform required task. This process is essentially what system development is all about. To be of any use, a computer based information system must function properly, be easy to use, and suit the organization for which it has been designed. Automation is done in many firms. In this project what we have done is automated an inventory Management system.

In this project we deals with many aspect of inventory management such as business information, income and profit information, sales invoice, and customer detail. Branch information, warehouse management, stock management, product list, stock monitoring, stock exchange, employee records, and reports the entire department.

Our project has been designed for the processing of up to date information related to inventory management and to have a fast processing of information collected in the database.

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