presents an influence of various critical components of carding machine on sliver
quality. A study of critical components of carding machine was carried out by study the impact of
that on the sliver quality.

This work presents an analysis of the quality parameters of cotton sliver with linear densities of a
manufactured with the use of ring-, compact-, rotor spinning machines. Slivers and roving’s
obtained from carded and combed middle-staple cotton were the initial half-products. We
determined the functional dependencies of selected fundamental parameters of sliver quality, such
as tenacity, elongation at break, unevenness of linear density, hairiness and the number of faults
on the sliver’s linear density.

The dependencies assessed allow us to calculate the quality parameters of cotton yarns for any given linear mass, and enable the modelling of yarn parameters for different carded and combed yarn streams spun with use of the various spinning machines .

Method for producing a card sliver and carding machine therefore The flexible bend of a card is
set automatically by the machine control by means of a controllable actuator system on the basis
of a wear characteristic, this characteristic representing the wear as a function of the production of
a given material

Sliver quality is directly effected by a Cards extraction system,... out by the carding machine, and
as such has a great Influence on the quality of the sliver produced. ... Different blends can be fed
from each end of the Chute line, .... Various parts for Spinning Machines · It is not possible or
economical to depend upon a single variety of cotton to produce a particular yarn throughout the
year. So. different available varieties are selected and mixed in a suitable proportion so as to get
uniform Quality product throughout the year.

 The various critical components and its optimization which need to be
of required capacity ,dimensions for an efficient carding machine. and which can improve the
quality of sliver as well as it can improve the productivity rate of the machine.
Key words: cotton, combed cotton sliver, critical components

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