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Lean production is an engineering term for the ability to produce more with less waste especially in the areas of time and materials. Lean production uses cellular manufacturing for one-piece flow wherever possible in the system, where Equipment and the workstations are arranged in sequences to allow for a smooth flow of materials and components through the process. The cell is made up of workers and the equipment required performing the steps in creating the product. The layout of the equipment and the workstations is determined by the logical sequence of production.

 This Experimental work gives an account of the process improvement through Lean cellular manufacturing for the Hospital Equipments and Furniture Manufacturing. An analysis have been done on the Manufacturing processes, layout and problems have been notified which is a non value added activities say Material movements, Waiting time, Work in Progress inventory. Manufacturing process flow problems have been found using Value Stream Mapping-Lean manufacturing tool. The focus is on to reduce the Non Value added Activities to a great extent and reducing the processing time by changing layout if possible. The Experimental Analysis gives the above scheduled works in the detailed Format.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 19:31