Improving the Man Power Utilization

Assembly line in an manufacturing industry
involves large number of employees, equipments,
tools. Large industries will have multi product flow
in a single assembly line. It involves value added
and non-value added activities by an employee
which affects production volume and productivity.
Standard time for activities determines the capacity
of the line which helps in meeting the customer
demands at right time. In mixed flow assembling
conveyor, each assembling model (product) will
have different components in assembling and differ
by work elements. It can be avoided by breaking
down all the activities in the assembly line in to
minute elements. By using MOST (Maynard
Operation Sequence Technique), an effective
methodology for calculating the accurate Standard
time for each activity, it is possible to eliminate
non-value added activities in the work area. A
study is conducted at Ashok Leyland, Hosur – Unit
I to improve the man power utilization in the
assembly line of 210 Viking model by estimating
the standard time using MOST. It provides the
employee with maximum work engagement (manpower
utilization) so that maximum output is
achieved with minimum number of workers and it
helps in preparing the production schedule in
assembly line. Proper utilization of resources
provides value for money which leads the
organization towards Lean Manufacturing strategy.
Establishment of MOST helps in achieving higher
output with minimum usage of resources helps in
achieving overall productivity at all levels.

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