Principles of Total quality management systems (TQM) are commonly tacit patterns practiced in ITC PSPD kovai unit. An effective TQM practice is essential to reduce the Non conformity products (NCP) in any large scale industry. The quality of the paper boards will be affected by many factors so identifying the critical causes affecting the quality of boards are essential. Philosophies, concepts, and famous practical models of Total Quality Management (TQM) are studied. Then, an appropriated TQM model for ITC PSPD unit will be designed. This paper is deals with the Non Conformity Product reduction and quality rate improvement using the concepts and theories of TQM. The critical causes affecting the quality of paper boards are analyzed and the concept of analytical TQM and FMEA techniques are applied. The NCP products are reduced and the overall quality rate was increased from 40% to 73%.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:31