Implementation of participative Ergonomics for Improving the Productivity of Roof Bolter in Underground Coal Mine

In this regard, the background research and problem solving phases of the project may be
conducted simultaneously statistical information will be augmented by discussion with
various segments of the mining community, including miners, mine managers, engineers, safety officers. and union representatives.

To solve this problem the technology required includes a mechanical engineering solution, such as design modification, a modular component to add an existing piece of machinery procedural changes based on results of human factors evaluations


Install or extend the platform near the drill rig so that the miners can get closer to the rig, which will reduce the need to extend the arm while inserting the rods, steals and dollies.

. Purchase a new miner with small throat, which can better accommodate the drill rigs and as a result reduce the awkward postures involved with the current position of the drill rig.

. Build specific stage bins for the chemicals and plates that are also positioned closer to the drill rig if possible.

. Look into new automated bolting technology

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Thu, 07/04/2011 - 00:01