Immaculately Impregnable Key Management System Using Quantum Key Distribution



            Since the beginning of time, there has always been a tuffle between the code makers and  the code breakers. Today, communicating mission-critical information in a secure way  is  more challenging  than ever. The attacks can come from inside or outside the organization. They  can  target  our  infrastructure,  our applications, or  our  financial assets. They can be launched by a spy from a foreign government, a hostile competitor, or a  trusted  business associate. Today, the  war rages  on, as organizations  search  for  a way  to ensure absolute  security  of   high-value  information exchanges.

            Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solves key distribution and management problems that have been the bane of cryptographers for centuries. QKD offers the most secure cryptographic solution ever, providing protection from both internal and external threats.QKD is not meant to replace existing encryption technologies like Secure Socket Layer and the Public Key Infrastructure. Instead, QKD represents a new hybrid model which combines QKD and classical data encryption to deliver a more secure system. Customer ROI is based on the increase in overall system security:

• Totally secure key distribution

• Faster key refresh rate (up to once per second)

• Proactive, absolute intrusion detection

• Lower total cost of ownership

            We have proposed  a  quantum  key  distribution  system,QPN that solves  these real-world security needs.In this white paper we present this as an example of a QKD system, that uses photon polarization to encode the qubits, since it is the simplest to explain and provides a good overview of the enhanced security provided by QKD.

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