IEEE 802.15.4

              IEEE 802.15.4is a standard which specifies the physical layer and medium access control for low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPAN's).This standard was chartered to investigate a low data rate solution with multi-month to multi-year battery life and very low complexity. It is operating in an unlicensed, international frequency band.  Potential applications are sensors, interactive toys, smart badges, remote controls, and home automation.

802.15.4 Is part of the 802.15 wireless personal-area network effort at the IEEE? It is a simple packet-based radio protocol aimed at very low-cost, battery-operated widgets and sensors (whose batteries last years, not hours) that can intercommunicate and send low-bandwidth data to a centralized device.

As of 2007, the current version of the standard is the 2006 revision. It is maintained by the IEEE 802.15 working group. It is the basis for the ZigBee specification, which further attempts to offer a complete networking solution by developing the upper layers which are not covered by the standard

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