Hybrid Switched Reluctance Motor Applied in Electric Vehicles

Electric motor is key part in electric vehicles including hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle and battery electric vehicle. Wide torque-speed range and high reliability are needed of the motor applied in electric vehicles. Novel hybrid switched reluctance motor is developed. It combines features of robust as switched reluctance motor and that of high efficiency of permanent magnet motor. Flux strengthening and weakening control give large maximum torque and high speed to the motor drives. They are implemented by only simply controlling the magnitude and direction of the current in an additional coil in the motor. Rotor position is detected by the signal from stationary coils in the motor and rotor speed is calculated according to this signal. To test characteristics of the motor drives, an experimental bench is developed. It is easy to test four quadrants torque-speed and dynamic characteristics of the motor drives. The whole testing system is energy saving.

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