Hybrid digital-embedding


Hybrid digital-embedding using invisible watermarking


                                        The technique for embedding watermark bi-color image into color image. At the source, the handwritten signature image (bi-color image) is encoded at the end of the color image. Double folded security of handwritten signature can be achieved (over the untrusted network) by; first, the starting point of encoding the image data is depended on the size of the images; second, the starting point (byte location) of bi-color image encoding in the color image is stored within a four-byte block in encoded form. This four-byte location encoding is done by public key. At the target, first, the starting point of encoding bi-color image data (location) is decoded by private key and then, second, starts extracting the encoded bi-color image data from the color image. This technique requires knowledge of the color image for the recovery of the handwritten signature image. At the receiver, the algorithm reconstructs the original handwritten signature image. We examine the proposed technique for embedding a bi-color handwritten signature image of 70 times 50 pixels size in the color host image of 512 times 512 pixels. Simulation results show very low visible distortions in the host image and algorithms provides high degree of robustness.

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Tue, 05/04/2011 - 15:32