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In the recent past, developments in the
high-speed milling (HSM) have narrowed
the EDMs’ traditional application
domains. As a result, a strong research
effort has been focused on EDM leading
to the reduction of the operation time and
cost and to the increase of final surfaces
quality. To identify future trends and
perspectives of development in the
industrial application of EDM technology,
a study was conducted . Electrical
discharge machining (EDM) is largely
disseminated among several industrial
sectors and is no longer considered an
unconventional process. During the
1990s, the EDM importance was
reinforced, which was reflected on the
rising of the sales volume of die sinking
EDM equipment, mainly because the
development of its application on the
electronic industry, health-care
instruments,micromachining components,
energy equipment parts, and special
materials processing . In spite of this
general growing trend, in mould-making industry, there is a general feeling that
the die-sinking version of electrical
discharge machining has been threatened
by high-speed milling (HSM) . The long
process time and the overall process cost
are mentioned as the main constraints of
EDM within an industrial sector regarded
as highly competitive, needing
permanently to reduce costs and delivery
time. In this study, the various
parameters are varied and controlled in
EDM to obtain maximum efficiency in
surface machining.

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