The main use of the HTML COMPILER to find out error and also create a HTML files using the customized Editor. The web Browsers send request to web servers, which send back the requested document as web pages, which is then displayed by the browser.The operation of the web relies mainly on hypertext as its means of interacting with users. Hypertext is basically the same as regular text-it can be stored , searched, or with an important exception: hypertext contains connection within the text to other documents.The web pages are the basic document of the world wide web. HTML(hypertext Markup language) is used to create web pages. A typical HTML document contains text and HTML tags.     HTML tag is embedded commands that supply information about the page’s structure, appearance, and contents.The HTML program can be created by  any texteditor. But that file should be save as  HTML extension(format). Then the  html program can be displayed by any Browser. Such as IE, Netscape Navigator,..(Browser is a software tool for viewing the html files.) . If any errors  are exist in the  html file,  The Browser will be display a blank web page display instant of list out the errors. So there is no possibility to know the actual errors to the user. Hence the user should be open the same html file in a editor and findout the errors ,then correct at last  run the program. The above mention process is very complicate once.

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