Our first experience of project has been successfully, thanks to the support staff of many friends & colleagues with gratitude. We wish to acknowledge all of them. However, we wish to make special mention of the following.


First of all we are thankful of our project guide Mrs. (S.SARAVANAN) under whose guideline we were able to complete our project. We are wholeheartedly thankful to her for giving us her value able time & attention & for providing  us a systematic way for completing our project in time.


We must make special mention of (project in charge name), our project in charge for their co-operation & assistance in solving a technical problem. We would thank to our H.O.D. Mr. (P.SACHIDHANANDHAM) & all lab maintenance staff for proving us assistance in various h/w & s/w problem encountered during course of our project.


We are also very thankful to respective principal (DR.R.MALATHY) madam who gave us an opportunity to present this project.




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Tue, 21/06/2011 - 19:47

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