Controlling Devices using switches are common. From a few decades controlling devices using remote control switches like IR remote control switch, wireless remote control switch, light activated switches are becoming popular. But these kinds of switches have their own limitations like these devices are popular for only short distance applications. This project introduces a system which does not require any radiations, any laser beam and no limitation of range i.e. it can be used from any where using simple telephone lines or mobile phones. Dual Tone Multi Frequency signaling is used for telephone signing over the line in voice frequency band to the call switching centre.


Design Approach for Home Automation using Mobile:


 DTMF signaling is used for the telephone signaling over the line in voice frequency band to the call switching centre. The IC MT8870D used in this design is a complete DTMF Receiver integrating both the band split filter and digital decoder function. The filter section uses a switch capacitor technique for high and low group filter and the decoder use digital counting technique to detect and decode all IC DTMF tone pairs into a 4bit code. 4:16 line DMUX receives this code and distribute the data to any one of the 16 outputs. The output of DMUX is used to control the home appliances with the help of D flip flops.



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