High tech spinning

High  tech  spinning  is  used  to  eliminate  some  of  the  limitations  in  the  conventional

ring spinning system. We use ring spinning system mainly for cotton varieties. But it is very

difficult to produce the synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon, fancy yarns etc.

          To  produce  these  type  of  yarns  we  use  the  special  technique  called  Hi-tech  spinning.

There  are  different  methods.  They  are  rotor  spinning  system,  air  jet  spinning  system,  core

spun  yarn,  siro  spun  yarn,  fancy  doubling  yarn  etc.,  some  of  the  end-uses  of  these  type  of

yarn are

·    Apparels 

·    Print cloth

·    Military Apparel

·    Sheets 

·    Towels Fleece 

·    Curtains

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