focuses on the relationship between a company’s environmental activity in marketing and its environmental advertising. Green advertising without environmental emphasis in strategies and appropriate connections between strategies and marketing operations leads to green washing. Green washing is the misuse of the principles of environmental marketing and means that consumers cannot trust the content of advertisements. This study tests the proposition that green advertising reflects environmentally sound strategic- and structural-level decisions. The empirical data for the study was collected from the Finnish forest industry, including advertising by the industry. Over half of the 167 analyzed ads included environmental aspects but it can be argued that the use of green claims is not very versatile. The ads quite often simply state that the product is ‘environmentally friendly’ or ‘natural’. In general, the advertisements reflected the company’s level of greenness. Findings suggest that there is clear environmental substance behind environmental advertising claims in this industry.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 15:03