Gravitational Mass Effect Generator

Free electricity from gravity and perpetual motion where the concept of the device is -
1) First start with motor and battery and gear pull a heavy metal to the top of tower (use input 4.5kW) then the heavy metal start to fall from gravity.
2) The direction of rotation from motor and gear will reverse (NOT SURE), start generate electricity back to battery (35 kW) without consume power when metal start to fall.

Now the gear is special gear because while using heavy round metal to store torque from a stress out off center force when rotate.Also I believe having a large flywheel will absorb the inertia of the falling weight for two reasons-
1.) To keep the weight from smashing into the ground.
2.) To control the acceleration so that you can capture as much of the (free) gravitational force as possible.

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Sat, 19/10/2013 - 11:04