Future (Feature) Of(off) Power Sytem

           ABSTRACT  :

                   This is an offer of Embedding nano Technology route for "future power system". The metalogical core based electrical accumulation design is used for this system. Thus the enhanced electrical linear IC consists of number of nano electronic devices, Which are legally consumable. whose inputs not more than that of its tune-up voltage.

                     This design mainly approached for redirecting  the consumption of power,requirement of large place & cost.

                      Hereunder the tremendous act of "core IC" will give a cumulative Electric power.The small input power do the IC to start position, and it consumes this power to make itself high range.through this , outcome maybe a "Non-polarized"  current . This is the future science off. So we can protect our future generation by making of this project.By the way if this coulb be a possible one,the  power generation using chip is first action in this world from us.If anyone not guess anywhere else over the universe yet.

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Sat, 25/06/2011 - 12:45

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