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                               Nowadays LPG (liquid petroleum gas) plays a vital role in our day to day life, even from small villages to great cities LPG is most commonly used fuel for domestic as well as commercial purposes, since it is quiet costlier we supposed to use this because of its efficiency and simplicity. As our need of LPG increased its demand also increased. As it was a natural and non renewable resource we cannot increase the production of the fuel. Since we are in need of the fuel we are supposed to save it by avoiding wastages and by increasing the efficiency of the fuel for which we are in need of this setup. In this setup we are using the supporting fuel with the original fuel. In which the original fuel is LPG gas and the supporting fuel is nothing but compressed air. As the atmospheric air contains much amount of oxygen which is mainly responsible for the process of burning it is mixed with the LPG gas while the combustion takes place it will increase the efficiency of the fuel. As the atmospheric air is none of cost it is very much cost effective. And this simple setup is also very much cheaper and operating this simple setup is also very much easier even for the villagers so we can easily overcome the problem of demand for LPG in our daily life and also for saving the fuel for future generation.

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Thu, 26/05/2011 - 15:16