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FPGA Implementation of USB Transceiver Macrocell Interface with USB2.0 Specifications

The Universal Serial Bus(USB) Transceiver Macro cell Interface (UTMI) is a two wire, bi-directional serial bus interface. The USB2.0 specifications define three types of UTMI implementations depends on data transmission rates, those are Low Speed (1.5MHz) only (LS), Full Speed (12MHz) only (FS) and High Speed (480MHz)/Full speed (12MHz) (HS). UTMI consists of Transmitting and Receiving sections, in which the Transmitter of the UTMI sends data to different USB devices through D+ and D- lines whereas the Receiver gets data on the same lines. This presentation reveals the FPGA implementation of UTMI with HS/FS transmission rate providing with USB 2.0 specifications. Further UTMI has been designed by using VHDL code and simulated, synthesized and programmed to the targeted Spartan2 family of FPGA in the Xilinx environment

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