FPGA based digital fuel gauge

In this modern and fast running world everything is going to be digitized to be easily understandable and also to give exact calculation. Considering this idea we started a project named digital fuel gauge, which shows the exact amount of fuel remaining in the fuel gauge as compared to the previously used gauge meter in which a needle moves to give a rough estimate of the fuel left. This project is implemented on DE2 [1] (Development and Education) board, an external LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) of 16 columns and 4 rows and 4*4 keypad is interfaced via GPIO (General purpose input output) of the board. This paper will briefly describe the work flow and functioning of the project. The coding for keypad, LCD interfacing and of overall system is done by Verilog HDL [2] (Hardware Description Language). It has been shown that the system being developed is accurate, inexpensive and easily adjustable to the new and old automobiles.

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