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Focusing Sound with a Parabolic Microphone

1. Put together
• An electronic circuit containing an electret microphone cartridge
that can pick up faint sounds
• An IC that amplifies the sounds enough to power your headphones
2. Install the microphone in a parabolic dish that gathers sound like a
giant ear.
We use a parabolic dish because the shape gathers sound and focuses it
on a point — in this case, on the spot where we put the microphone car-
tridge. When you point the parabolic dish at a bird a hundred feet away,
for example, the dish gathers sound only from the exact direction you
point toward and focuses the sound on the microphone cartridge.
3. Add a handle made of pieces of plastic pipe so you can hold the dish up
easily and aim it at the feathered or non-feathered friend of your choosing.

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