Flow Body Design

the process to design and develop an air flow body for the two wheeler fuel
injection vehicle a single cylinder four stroke engine. The product design process aims to fulfill the critical requirement of the
selected engine. To achieve this we take IDOV (Identify-Design-Optimise-Verify) process of product design methodology for
the entire new product development.
The process flows with identification of the customer requirement, design the product with reference to the functional
requirement, verify the design based on the prioritized requirement and validate the results. The functional requirement of the
product is to deliver the required air flow to fulfill the maximum power output of the engine.
After analysing the various customer requirements, bench mark study, functional analysis and theoretical engineering
calculation a new air flow body for the said engine is designed and functional verification was conducted. The result validation
was completed by comparing the engine requirement and theoretical calculation with the computer simulated results.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 02:08