Finite Element Analysis

Structural and Thermal Analysis of
Rotor Disc of Disk Brake is aimed at evaluating the
performance of disc brake rotor of a car under
severe braking conditions and there by assist in disc
rotor design and analysis. An investigation into
usage of new materials is required which improve
braking efficiency and provide greater stability to
vehicle. This investigation can be done using
ANSYS software. ANSYS 10.0 is a dedicated finite
element package used for determining the
temperature distribution, variation of the stresses
and deformation across the disc brake profile. In
the present work, an attempt has been made to
investigate the suitable hybrid composite material
which is lighter than cast iron and has good
Young’s modulus, Yield strength and density
properties. Aluminum and boron carbide
composites have a promising friction and wear
behavior as a Disk brake rotor. By identifying the
true design features, the extended service life and
long term stability is assured.

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