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         FinA International is an information technology tool that supports the off-site banking supervision of the banking system (Supervisor).FinA is a tool that enhances the Regulator’s analytical capabilities and increases the overall effectiveness of supervisory strategies. “FinA International” has to test after completion using Automation Testing, with Q.T.P help.


Objectives Of The Project:


         This Test for the new Financial Data System supports the following objectives:

  • Define the activities required to prepare for and conduct system, Beta and User         Acceptance Testing.
  • Communication to all responsible parties the System Test strategy.
  • Define deliverables and responsible parties.
  • Communication to all responsible parties the various Dependencies and Risks.


Scope Of The Project: Data Entry:


         The new Financial Data System should allow the financial clerks to enter information from UBPR compatible PC. The system will be menu driven and will provide error messages to help direct the clerks through various options. Reports: A pay period transaction report, period exception report, and history report, Security: Each payroll clerk will need a user id and password to login to the system.


Brief Methodology:


         The FinA system was designed to collect financial information submitted by the banks and to process the data to generate standardized reports. This report also provides the same analysis for the banking system as a whole. The usefulness of the financial data submitted and the timeliness and quality of the analysis performed.

Software Configuration:

         Development                :           Java/J2EE, Tomcat Server, Oracle.

         Testing Tools                :           Automation (Q.T.P, Q.C, Bug Tracking Tool)

Hardware Configuration:

         Hard Disk-40GB, RAM-512, Processor-any, Operating System-Windows XP.


Expected Outcome:


         This project produces and displays module test case and bugs. Automatically it will display bugs and that project problems and project states every activity it will display.



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