Face Reganigation

Abstract: The silicon retina extracts object information from the unilluminated face area that cannot be gathered by the CCD camera. Left to right, compare the images taken in two-sided illumination by the CCD camera and silicon retina with the pair taken in one-sided illumination by the CCD camera and silicon retina.

Introduction: As the necessity for higher levels of security rises, technology is bound to swell to fulfill these needs. Any new creation, enterprise , or development should be uncomplicated and acceptable for end users in order to spread worldwide. This strong demand for user-friendly systems which can secure our assets and protect our privacy without losing our identity in a sea of numbers, grabbed the attention and studies of scientists toward what’s called biometrics. There is a more scientific Mathematical Introduction For Face Recognition: Pixel Arithmetic for readers who are interested in the mathematical perspective and representation of pixels in face recognition applications. The link also contains a implementation of the Pixel class.

face recognition application: Enterprise Security, Computer and physical access control,Government Events Criminal Terrorists screening Surveillance,Immigration/Customs, Illegal immigrant detection; Passport/ ID Card authentication
Casino,Filtering suspicious gamblers /VIPs,Toy,Intelligent robotic,Vehicle, Safety alert system based on eyelid movement.

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