The Products which are made for the rural applications especially the farm mechanization, implants, the controls and the method in which it interfaces with the human operator looks crude. The objective of this work is two; the first is to check the user comfort of the farming equipments with the help of the state-of-the art technologies like the Product Design and the Virtual Ergonomics, which helps to check the present fitness of these products to the user groups using the anthropometric data. Second is to redesign the equipments which causes discomfort, so that the comfort level of these products can be increased. The work involves modeling of the Power Tiller, with all its parts. The Human model is generated using the anthropometric data already collected and the human is interfaced with the model of the Product (Power Tiller). An analysis is performed to find the comfort level of the human. The factors which are contributing to the discomfort are identified and the experiments are designed and conducted to check the optimum level of these factors to best fit the tiller to the human comfort. It is more evident that the study conducted on the Power Tiller that the RULA Score is more than 6, which indicates that the Product requires changes very soon. The changes can be suggested based on the factors which are causing the discomfort.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:23