Ergonomic Intervention in cotton spinning operation

Cotton spinning is an important operation in small
scale and cottage textile industries in India. A large number of
women workers in these industries perform cotton spinning task
adopting squatting posture in traditional workshops.. Forty
operators were questioned regarding work related
musculoskeletal disorders WMSDs. Among the operators, severe
cervical and lumber joint problems along with knee, joint pains
and shoulders were more prevalent compared to other body
regions. Based on the problems found, a new workstation was
developed and ten operators were asked to work in the same
workstation. Certain aspects regarding the ergonomic evaluation
for those workers are discussed in this study. They were observed
and evaluated with the RULA technique and there opinion on the
improvement was asked based on the task, most frequent, they
performed. It is revealed that the suggested workstation improves
working posture and results in reduced postural stress on
operators’ bodies and, consequently, reduce prevalence of MSDs
symptoms. An average percentage reduction in the energy input
by the operator in the suggested workstation was found to be
11.25% increasing the average percentage productivity by 11.13
% approximately.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 07:52