With the rapidly increasing importance of wireless
networks, there have been many recent proposals, dealing with the
insecurity of the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol. In this
paper, we reveal vulnerabilities and weaknesses of WEP protocol
which is used in IEEE 802.11b. We have analyzed threats origins,
and proposed a new solution based upon the WEP, which achieves,
in addition to security goals originally aimed at by WEP, another
security service which is replay detection. Our premise is to permit
deploying an efficient security mechanism on wireless networks,
without reconsidering all the security architecture. The major issue
of WEP protocol is the lack of a proper key management
technique. We propose a method to overcome above by introducing
a dynamic key for authentication and data transmission on per
data frame basis , Contrary to the standards WPA proposed by the
Wi-Fi Alliance and IEEE 802.11i proposed by the Task Group I of
IEEE 802.11, our solution requires neither hardware add-on nor
replacement, but merely software updates.

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