The application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends by manufacturing

an efficient and economical fabric are considered to be as engineered fabrics. On par with this

context  the  auxetic  fabrics  are  the  emerging  engineered  fabrics  in  the  world  technological

market. Auxetic fabrics are smart materials that are been developed to meet the high demand

in  the  fields  of  technical  textile.  These  materials  show  a  special  character  of  getting  wider

when  stretched  and  thinner  when  compressed  due  to  Negative  Poisson’s  ratio  effect.  The

Negative  Poisson’s  ratio  is  obtained  by  making  structural,  geometrical  changes  in  the

conventional structures. 

Auxetic materials are now been produced as composites, fabrics, foams where monofilament

auxetic fibers will be available commercially in near future. Auxetic fabrics are warp knitted

with  high  and  low  stiffness  yarns  in  it.  These  materials  have  wide  range  of  applications  in

fields like medical, soil reinforcement, aerospace, defence, automobile and many more.

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