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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation becomes most
important thing in the world. Use of air
conditioner increases day by day by the
people. We know that air conditioner
consumes more power. One efficient way to
reduce power consumption in air conditioner
is by dehumidifying heat pipes. Air
conditioner with heat pipes can eliminate the
need for reheat or desiccant system and
increase the dehumidifying capacity of an air
conditioner by as much as 91%. This
technology uses about 50% less energy than
the electric reheat system and about 25% less
than other types of reheat. This paper deals
about how the heat pipe can be used in a air
conditioner. The incoming air is pre cooled to
a lower temperature than the inlet. Then the
air cooled to a lower temperature by passing
through the cooling coil. The air is then
reheated using heat pipe which do not require
power. This paper also contains the economic
analysis of air conditioner system with heat

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