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Electronic banking (servlet).

This project is based on servlet technology. There are seven servlets for the execution of the projects.
Adding amount
withdrawing amount
Transferring amount
Changing password.
Account balance report.


In the registration process we provide information such as personal details, account information, and contact information.

Personal details includes name ,surname. account information includes ,username password, Contact information includes mob no. etc


Log in servlet helps to log in to users account by providing username and password.

The username and password are provided at the time of registration. Only successful login can authorize user to do transaction.

Adding amount

Adding amount is used to add checks and cash to amount here acc no and password is needed.

Withdraw amount

Withdraw amount is used to withdraw cash , here also acc no and password is needed

Transfer amount

It is used to do the money transactions. We should know the account number of the person whom the money is to be transferred. here user has to provide his account number and password.


Using the shopping servlet we can products over internet it same as we transfer amount. User have to select product for purchase. User have to provide his acc no and password.

Change password

It is used to change password for security reasons. Here user have to provide acc no and old password for identity.

Account balance report
Account balance report provide balance sheet of user account .it describe the ser transactions such as adding withdrawing ,shopping, etc

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