An effective Islanding scheme for Power System Protection

The purpose of an electrical power system is to generate and supply electrical energy to consumers. The system should be designed and managed to deliver this energy to the utilization points with both reliable and economical to the consumers. But there are several disruptions to the normal routine of the modern society in like reliability and system security. As the requirements of reliability and economy are largely opposed, power system design is to make the compromise of these needs. A power system comprises many diverse items of equipment. Even though the power systems are well designed faults will frequently occur on a power system. Fault currents can cause damage to plant if they continue for more than a few seconds.
As communication and computer technology continue to improve, and protection and control becomes more integrated, an application of adaptive system-wide protection is becoming more feasible. The provision of adequate protection of power system is to detect and disconnect the elements of the power system as a separate isolated island in the event of fault accoutred in the particular area of the power system. Thus it will separate the remaining area as a separate isolate island. Thus this separation will maintain the stability and reliability of the system even when the power system is separated.

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