Effective Dynamic Load

The aim of this paper is to study about the
determination of effective dynamic load carrying capacity for a
robotic manipulator carry out tasks in the assembly line of
automobile industry with joint elasticity and actuator constraints.
The maximum dynamic load carrying capacity which can be
achieved by a manipulator during a given trajectory is limited by
a number of factors. The most important of which are the
dynamic specification of the manipulator, the actuator
limitations, and the elasticity of the joints such as reducers and
servo drive system. Initially, the kinematic equations for carrying
an object by the robotic arm of specific degrees of freedom are to
be calculated. The mechanical modeling was achieved via
software programming. Dynamic modeling of the flexible joints
manipulator was done simply for the three major axes. A method
for determination of the dynamic load capacity with specific
reference to both accuracy and actuator constraints is studied.
The results of the case studies indicate the importance of both
constraints and which constraint is more critical for accuracy
and tracking, which will be utilized by modern instrumentation
technology followed by analysis and the iterative work will leads
to improvised productivity

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