Effect of Process Temperature

Surface engineering is widely used to improve
the surface property of the materials. The Quench Polish
Quench (QPQ) complex salt treatment is a type of
advanced technology for surface treatment. It is widely
used in the field of manufacturing engineering, mechanical
and automobile industry. The QPQ salt bath surface
treatment is mainly used in low carbon steels to reduce the
wear, strength and improve surface properties. In this
research work, the Nitrocarburizing in the salt bath with
the post oxidation known as the QPQ process is carried
out on 316L stainless steel. The quench polish quench
process consists of six steps 1.Degreasing 2.Preheating
3.Nitriding 4.Oxidizing 5.Washing 6.Oil immersion. This
paper also describes the effect of nitrocarburizing process
temperature on the wear volume loss of AISI 316 L
stainless steel.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:29