Today, the textile industry, which uses on an average of six hundred dyes and chemicals for

the production of consumer textiles is considered most polluting. With the kind of awareness

and  restrictions  coming  into  ecology  of  textiles  world  over,  the  first  thing  every  textile

processor need to know prior to processing any material is the nature of end use of the textile

being processed and the country to which being exported.

Due to the use of the highly polluting non degradable chemicals both for the production of

textiles  as  well  as  the  processing,  the  eco-management  becomes  very  essential  for  the

maintenance  of  Mother  Nature  and    healthy  future  generation.some  of  the  steps  in  eco-

management  are  Prevent,  Decrease,  Re-utilize  and  Recycle  of  textiles. 

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