Textile industries are facing a challenging condition in the field of quality and productivity,

due to the globalization of the world market. The highly competitive atmosphere and as the

ecological parameters becoming more stringent, it becomes the prime concern of the textile

processor  to  be  conscious  about  quality  and  ecology.  Again  the  guidelines  for  the  textile

processing  industries  by  the  pollution  control  boards  create  concern  over  the  environment-

friendliness of the processes. This in turn makes it essential for innovations and changes in

the  processes.  The  main  reason  is  that  the  textile  industry  plays  an  important  role  in  the

economy of the country like India and it accounts for around one third of total export. 

It  is  important  to  manage  the  waste  being  produced  from  the  textile  sector.  So  new

technologies  have  to  be  introduced  to  manage  these  textiles.  Certain  bio-technological

solutions  have  been  adopted  to  dispose  these  wastes  and  to  produce  zero  discharge  waste

during  processing.  This  presentation  deals  with  the  various  eco  processes  involved  in

managing textiles wastes.

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