Dynamic Source Code Analysis

Web script crashes and malformed dynamically-generated web pages are common errors, and they seriously impact the usability of web applications. Current tools for web-page validation cannot handle the dynamically generated pages that are ubiquitous on today’s Internet. One of the most popular Dynamic test analysis tools is ‘DART’, which is specially for detecting the standard errors such as program crashes, assertion violations, and non-termination. This tool analyzes the code and produce warnings errors if any, but it couldn't find out the coding defects as proposed. The DART tool development is not at active stage now.
Dynamic Source Code Analysis is the process by which Software developers can check their code for problems and inconsistencies in PHP web applications. Organizations can automate the Dynamic Code Analysis process by implementing a tool that automatically analyzes the entire Webpage, generates charts and reports that graphically present the analysis results, and recommends potential resolutions to the identified problems.
. Dynamic Analysis tool implements the technique for the PHP programming language, generates test inputs for a web application, monitors the application for crashes, and validates that the output conforms to the HTML specification. Dynamic test generation tools scan the source code and automatically detect errors that typically pass through compilers and become latent problems, including the following non static upper bounds, unused variables, and functions with more number of codes than specified. The technique generates tests automatically, runs the tests capturing logical constraints on inputs, and minimizes the conditions on the inputs to failing tests, so that the resulting bug reports are small and useful in finding and fixing the underlying faults.
This tool is implemented as a web service so anyone can obtain this service from anywhere, and at anytime. The final result of the project will be a log file which tells the user that user can modify some parts of their code to increase the efficiency of the code.

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