Down Time Analysis at Process Industry

Availability of data regarding the equipment reliability is of considerable benefit to industry in many situations. Knowledge of life expectancy and wear out characteristics of the system components leads to the development of sound maintenance and appropriate provision for
spare parts and stand by equipment.

The study is carried at Rainbow Distilleries situated at Nagpur. The product is finished liquor bottles of 11 brands for united breweries group with a Production capacity of 2, 65,500 bottles/day.

The preliminary discussion with the officials concerned revealed that the plant is often giving rise to problems due to breakdown of various components; and hence, it is decided to carry out failure analysis in this industry, and to suggest measures to improve the availability of the components

The objective of the study is to estimate the availability, reliability of the components system and also to perform the FMEA analysis to identify the critical components to prepare PM (Preventive Maintenance) schedule by officials.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 08:08