Smart textiles are gaining a lot of importance in today’s world. In this project it is aimed to

develop  a  smart  shoe  which  can  be  used  in  power  generation.  The  shoe  would  contain

tourmaline  coating  for  generating  of  negative  ions,  antimicrobial  finish,  phase  change

materials, fragrance finish. Power generation is done using an in-built miniature power plant

in  which  the  mechanical  energy  is  converted  into  electrical  energy  using  rack  and  pinion

principle. The electricity which would be produced as a result of the above mechanism can be

stored  in  a  battery  which  may  be  used  for  charging  mobile  phones  and  similar  electronic

instruments. Tourmaline powder, emitting negative ions, can be used for imparting a special

property  in  the  shoe  which  gives  comfort  by  increasing  blood  circulation.  Antimicrobial

finish prevents the shoe  from fungal attack which causes the  foul smell. Microencapsulated

phase change material incorporated inside the shoe helps in regulating the temperature of the

feet preventing from warming. The microencapsulated fragrance finish would release a long

lasting pleasant smell from the shoe.

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Thu, 21/04/2011 - 01:46