Development of a Miles Acquisition System (MAS)


Title of the project


Development of a Miles Acquisition System (MAS)


Abstract of the project


Miles Acquisition System (MAS) is a Web based application for a particular Airlines company. This application facilitates registering, updating, and utilization of miles for a Frequent Flier of its flights. The frequent flier should be able to login and key in all the details of his travel in their airlines. The application is accessible for the frequent fliers from the existing website of the airlines.




Generic Technology keywords


Operating Systems, Databases, Network


Specific Technology keywords


Windows XP, Windows 2003, .Net, J2EE, ASP.Net, Oracle, DB2


Project type keywords


Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing


Functional components of the project


The application should support:


  1. Registration for a new flier.
  2. Authentication of its users before usage of application.
  3. Updating of miles by a frequent flier. The frequent flier will be able to accumulate miles maximum up to 5, 00,000.
  4. Options to utilize the miles accumulated so far.
  5. Once the miles are utilized, the corresponding miles will be deducted from the accumulated miles.
  6. Report- History of miles utilization or Trend shown as a graph; from both end-user’s point of view and from the system managament point of view.


Steps to start-off the project


  1. Go through some of the existing airlines websites.
  2. Check how the miles-acquisition feature is presented in those sites.
  3. Come up with a policy for frequent-flying (how many miles will entitle a frequent-flier to get what kind of a benefit etc)
  4. Develop a prototype to ensure the screen layout and functionality is understood clearly.




Hardware requirements




Alternatives (If available)


Server: P -III 1 GHz x 2 or higher with 4 GB RAM



Client: P-II with 128 MB RAM or higher



Software requirements




Alternatives (If available)


Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.



Microsoft visual studio. Net




Manpower requirements


2 persons for a duration of 4 -5 months


Milestones and Timelines



Milestone Name

Milestone Description




Prototype of Screens

Prepare screen layouts using HTML, collect all the GIFs required for the screens

2 Weeks

Come up with a help screen to plan the development of the functionalities in advance.


Come up with the frequent-flier policy so that it is easier to implement the system without confusion


Database Design

Design the tables that need to be maintained for the application to function

2 Weeks

Assign a database admin at this stage. The admin will be creating the logins for testing the system later. The admin will also come up with a sample list of frequent-fliers with different details so that all aspects of the policy can be tested.


Developing the functionalities

Coding and testing of the independent units of the system (such as user-verification, front-end validations etc)

9 Weeks

Unit-Testing will happen for the units at this stage. Integration testing will come in the next milestone.


Come up with a test-plan for integration testing at this stage itself.


Integration Testing

Integrate the different components and test

2 Weeks

If there are any problems found during this stage, fix it before the next stage.


Final Demo

Prepare for the final demo of the application

1 Week




Guidelines and References


Refer to some airlines website which supports this feature.

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