Developing CNTFET


The technology is advanced from micro to nano sizes. The no of  transistors are increasing exponentially. So there are many issues facing while integrating many no of transistors like short channel effect, power dissipation, scaling of the transistors to overcome these type of problems by Considering the  carbon nano tube have promising application in the field of electronics.

In this project the different D flip-flops single edge triggered, double edge triggered, master and slave D Flip-flops are designed using CNTFET and MOSFET, and these different D flip-flops are designed using resistor load technology. Then the 4bit shift registers like Serial in serial out (SISO), Serial in Parallel out (SIPO), Parallel in parallel out (PIPO), Parallel in serial out (PISO), are designed using MOSFET and CNTFET with the different D flip-flops. The flip-flops and shift registers are designed using CNTFET (VHDL-AMS model) in Mentor graphics system vision tool. The characteristics of Ballistic CNTFET are observed.

Then the transient and power analysis are obtained for the CNTFET. Then the transient and power analysis are obtained for the D flip-flops, shift registers. The results of D flip-flops and shift registers are compared with the MOSFET circuits. The results of the CNTFET circuits better than the MOSFET based circuits.

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