To Develop a system to test programs and integrate it with Content Management System

Developing a System to test programs and integrate it with Content Management System An online system to test programs in programming contests to be developed and integrated with a Content management system. The system could also be used to practice for contests. The system should compile and execute the uploaded code, and test the code with pre-constructed data. Submitted code may be run with restrictions, including time limit, memory limit, security restriction and so on. The output of the code should be captured by the system, and compared with the standard output. The system should then return the result. When mistakes were found in a standard output, re-judgement using the same method must be made. Some of its most important objectives include:
  •   Serve for the automatic assessment of user-submitted programs
  •    Support for different programming languages and compilers, including C, C++, JAVA, C#,Perl, and Bash languages.
  •  A flexible testing system, supporting dynamic interaction with submitted programs and highly customisable output of assessment results.
  •  Intuitive browser-based content management which allows users to set up their own contests, and to make use of tasks already available in the system.

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Wed, 16/02/2011 - 11:39