Designing Safety Action Plan Using Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment, originally developed in Japan in late 60s, is an effective tool
for capturing voice of customer data for improvement of product quality and has been
applied widely in TQM and Six Sigma. However this tool can also be effectively applied as a
structured methodology for solving problems, which are not so quantified and has a
readymade solution. Old smaller town of India, which are not planned but off late has
become important due to geo-political changes, are facing problems of road traffic
management and no of accidents are on the rise. This paper makes an attempt to use this tool
for identifying the list of action plans that will be necessary for reducing the no of road
accidents and gradual improvement of traffic management. An MS-Excel based worksheet
has been used for capturing, quantifying and prioritizing the list of action plans that may be
feasible to implement.

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Sun, 10/04/2011 - 23:05