The IRS Point Machine is used in the Indian Railways for safe track changing by means of mechanical and electrical controls. The rotary motion of the motor with gearbox is converted into linear motion by the help of pinion attached to the main gear assembly shaft, which moves the rack of the drive rod. Main gear assembly controls the thrust, stalling and slipping load. Time for action is governed by the rotating speed of the motor in conjunction with the reduction gears. Switch is controlled through the contactor unit assembly in conjunction with the main gear assembly. All the above are housed in a base and also operated manually by the crank handle. The above mechanism is said to have more number of mechanical parts that design more complex.The proposed work deals with the introduction of hydraulic system in place of existing rack and pinion assembly to provide the required linear motion for track changing. More over the control of the whole system is replaced by program logic control (PLC) in place of existing relays. This change in aspect of design is then analyzed using ANSYS to validate the design system to the required criteria. It is a government project.                               

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