design and fabrication of air cooler by using clay pots

In our day to day life , we normally see that we need air cooler to cool the any closed place . But in some regions like vidarbha there is lack of water. Normal medium sized air cooler (3.5 feet) requires around 20 to 25 litres of water to run for around 4 to 5 hrs depending on atmosphere.
The proposed design includes earthen pots and automatic water system. In this design, there is no need of pump which circulate water. Instead of this pump and permeable cooling pad made of wooden scrapping ,we are using earthen cylinders and porous material like foam. Here, these cylinders are connected to each other and continuous flow of water is attached to it with automatic arrangement of tap so that it will close when cylinders are full of water. The water in this pots will trickle and porous material will get wet. By the means of evaporation air inside it will cool down and fan will make it flow.
Since these earthen cylinders are not open we can run drinking water and it will get cooled like normal earthen pots and we can use it by attaching a tap to last cylinder. We have to drain out normal coolers when summer is over , but we can continue using this system in every season , since cooled water is also supplied by this system. Since we are using earthen cylinders water is getting purified naturally. In this system there is no pump so electricity is also saved. Automatic arrangement of water is given so no need to pour water in air cooler time to time. The cost of this system is reduced by approx 15% (estimated).
The weight of this system is increased so handling is a bit inconvenient but we can use them throughout the year so permanent arrangement can be done so no need to move the system. Handling of these earthen pots is a bit tricky since there is a danger of them getting damaged but in this reduced cost we are providing three extra cylinders and also there is porous material around these cylinders so this danger is reduced due to shock absorbing capacity of this material.

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Fri, 09/08/2013 - 21:07