Design and development of generic platform for distributed computing

A distributed system is a software system in which components located on networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages. The components interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal.
In Present Scenario of Distributed computing, a client system which is participating in the activity of distributed computing may be viewed as a dedicated system specially configured to handle a particular type of a problem. This may be viewed as an major disadvantage of present system, as they lack the ability to respond to different type of problem, they are designed for a specific purpose a slightly change in problem definition may result in modification on client side to handle such type of situation, same will be the case when if the problem definition changes entirely or there is an urgent need to handle a new task.
One solution to the above describe problem would be to re-engineer the client software to make it suitable to adopt a new environment or to develop entirely new software depending upon type of the problem. The next step would be to install this newly configured software on client side, which is a time consuming job.
So hears comes the solution, through our project we will be developing such a system which will not require a single change to the system participating in the distributed computing. Once the client is configured for the first time, now it will be always ready to answer any type of situation. On Completion of our project the client system can be viewed as a generic system which is capable to participate in any type of distributed computing network. Up till now the client system was dedicated towards a particular task, from now onwards the client system can be consider as a system dedicated to computing, thus our project elaborate the definition of Distributed computing in true sense.

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